Profigold PGV7000 Oxypure 1.5m High Definition Scart Lead

Profigold PGV7000 Oxypure 1.5m High Definition Scart Lead
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Product Features

Profigold by Bandridge PGV7000 Oxypure High Definition 1.5m scart interconnect. Enjoy crisp colourful pictures and high fidelity sound with this ultimate quality interconnect..
  • 24k Gold Plated contacts ensures optimum signal transfer.
  • Oxypure 99.9997% OCC single crystal copper conductor for high resolution picture quality.
  • IAT interference absorbers for the ultimate audio visual performance.
  • Internal silver soldering provides excellent signal transmission.
  • Unique metal connector design for maximum shielding.
  • Cellular PE insulation for low signal attenuation.
  • 3 way screening for maximum RFI protection.
  • Superior distortion-free sound & picture.
  • Lifetime replacement warranty against design, construction, material &manufacturing defects
  • Perfect for scart connections between TV & DVD, VCR, Satellite receiver, Digibox etc.
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What Video & TV Review of the PGV7000

The Oxy Pure Scart is attractive and meaty in equal measure. The plug ends are stunningly metallic, heavy-duty and gold-plated. The cable itself is wrapped in dark-blue nylon offset by a thin zig-zagging white line.

This cable's chief claim to fame is its use of OCC Copper, a new single-crystal material that's supposed to be thousands of times more efficient than its Oxygen-Free predecessor. The net result of this should be ultra-high speed signal transmission and extremely low loss.

The 24-carat gold plug ends are 100 per cent screened. Multiple layers of shielding are wrapped around the cable to stop radio frequency interference. At each end of the cable before the main plug end sits an EMI suppressor to weed out any electromagnetic interference.

Even on a relatively small 32in screen the improvements in picture quality are immediately apparent. Carrying an RGB feed, the Profigold cable delivers astonishingly vibrant colours - much better saturated than with a standard Scart, and also better contained. On a large rear-projector the impact is even more dramatic.

A composite video signal further emphasises this cable's class. There's noticeably less crosstalk, with cleaner lines and less overt dotty interference over small patches of colour. Improvements in sound are less easy to detect, because TV sound systems aren't really hi-fi enough to show up cable-induced differences.

The Profigold Oxy Pure Scart dramatically improves your picture performance, and does so at a seriously competitive price. What's not to like?

What Video Widescreen Entertainment, July 2002

Overall RATING: 9/10 : Value 10/10

This review was based on an RRP of +49.99, we sell the Profigold PGV7000 for just +24.49!

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