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UK IEC Power Cables

IEC C13 Power Leads Kettle Style

  • UK Mains plug to IEC C13
  • Fully approved cables
  • HO5VV-F 3G GTSA-3 N14586 1.0mm² Cable on lengths > 2m
  • N20050 GTSA-3 3G 0.75mm² Cable on lengths < 2m
  • Fitted with 5amp fuse
  • GTSA-3 N14586

Ideal for powering PCs, laptops, TV etc

UK IEC Power Cables - Mains Leads C13 C15 C19
1m (IECPWR-012) 2912 in stock £1.98
1.8m (IECPWR-002) 16582 in stock £2.04
3m (IECPWR-001) 4631 in stock £3.17
5m (IECPWR-000) 3662 in stock £4.63
10m (IECPWR-005) 1517 in stock £7.64

White C13 Power Cable

  • UK Mains plug to IEC C13
  • Colour white
  • H05VV-F 0.75mm²
  • Fitted with 5 amp fuse
2m White IEC Power Cable - UK 3 Pin Plug to Kettle Plug Power Lead
2m (IECPWR-007) Out of stock £3.66

Angled C13 Power Cables

  • UK Mains plug to angled C13 kettle style plug
  • 5A fuse UK Mains Plug - 10A IEC Socket
  • HO5VV-F 3G 0.75mm² Cable
  • Approved by A.S.T.A
  • GTSA-3 N14586
1.8m IEC Power Lead with Right Angle Plug - Kettle Plug Power Cable
1.8m (IECPWR-003) 2089 in stock £2.12

IEC C13 Power Splitter Cable

  • UK plug to 2x C13 Power Splitter Cable
  • 13A Fuse, 10A rated C13 connectors
  • ASTA Approved

Ideal for powering 2 items of equipment in close proximity from a single mains socket.

2m Y Power Splitter Cable UK Plug to 2x IEC C13 Kettle Plugs Lead
2m (IECPWR-004) 312 in stock £3.62
5m (IECPWR-018) In stock £6.47

IEC C15 Power Cables

  • UK mains plug to IEC C15
  • BS1363
  • 3G 0.75mm 10Amp Cable (H05RR-F)
  • Rubberized Cable
  • 13 Amp Fuse

The C15 connector is similar to the C13 but has a higher temperature rating of 170 degrees. Referred to as a Hot connector, it has an extra notch / groove in the kettle connector.

1m C15 IEC Power Cable UK 3 Pin Plug to Kettle C15 Plug Power Lead
1m (IECPWR-013) In stock £3.72
2m (IECPWR-008) 963 in stock £3.68

IEC C19 Power Cable

  • UK Mains plug to IEC C19
  • 13A Fuse on UK plug, 16A C19 Connector
  • HO5VV-F 3G 1.5mm² Cable

The C19 connector is often used to power industrial equipent such as 19 inch racks and servers etc

Mains IEC 320 C19 Power Lead UK 3 Pin Plug Black 2m
2m (C19-001) 12 in stock £4.27

5m IEC Power Lead 10A to UK 3 Pin Plug to Kettle Plug Power Lead
5m (IECPWR-006) Out of stock £12.51

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