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Component To VGA Cables

VGA to Component Video Cable

  • Often used with projectors to connect component video to a VGA input
  • Available in lengths up to 10m
  • Colour coded gold plated phono connectors
  • HD15 male VGA connector

Please note the cable is bi-directional but the VGA connector must support component video.

Component to VGA - Video Cables
SVGA to RGB Adapter Cable VGA to Component 0.2m 0.2m COVGA-000 £1.49
SVGA to Component Cable 1m 1m COVGA-001 £2.99
SVGA to Component Video Cable 2m 2m COVGA-002 £2.76
VGA to YPbPr Cable RGB Component Cable 3m 3m COVGA-003 £3.24
VGA to Component Video Cable 5m 5m COVGA-004 £4.44
VGA to Component Video Cable 10m 10m COVGA-005 £8.40

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