Privacy & Cookies


When you browse websites on the internet, most sites store tiny text files called cookies on your computer, these help track your use of the website and to personalise the website for you. These cookies can be stored on your computer so that if you return to a website, that website server can recall the information from the cookies stored on your computer to tailor your experience of the site.

At TVCables we also use cookies as it essential in processing your order and to help you shop on our website more effectively and to place online orders - we do not store personally identifiable information in our cookie data. We also use some carefully selected 3rd party cookies to enhance your online experience such as Google to provide anonymous tracking data and they may place cookies on your computer for use on our website too.

Cookies are perfectly safe to be stored on your computer and almost all web browsers have cookie storing enabled as default. However, all browsers have the option of disabling cookies being stored on your computer if you wish to do this.

Please be aware that disabling cookies on your browser will reduce your ability to shop online with us. We use cookies to process products in your basket and orders. Disabling your cookies will mean you cannot purchase through our website. This would also be a common experience of reduced functionality across many websites.

If you visit our site after visiting an affiliate website they may have stored a tracking cookie on your computer, we may use this cookie to reward an affiliate for referral. These type of cookies would be retained for 30 days but can be deleted at any time by following your browsers instructions on how to delete cookies.

Recent European Union legislation has meant that websites must provide clear information about their use of cookies to their customers, something we fully support. We want to ensure that you, as our valued customer, are fully aware of the use of cookies on our website, and we are proud of our reputation as a transparent and honest retailer that you can trust

Privacy & Security

At TVCables, we are serious about security and make every effort to ensure our transaction process is safe and that your personal information is secure.

Every order made via our website is safe, we use secure socket layer (SSL) encryption on all pages where information is entered so its virtually impossible for anyone to intercept or access the information. To make payment even safer we do not collect or store any payment details such as credit numbers, cvv codes and expiry dates, these are all processed externally by PCI verified payment processors, Worldpay, Google or Paypal depending who you choose.

Information we collect

The information we collect via this website may include:

Any personal details you type in and submit, such as name, address, email address and phone number etc. We only collect information that we require for completion of orders and account set up.

Data which allows us to recognise you, your preferences and how you use this website. This saves you from re-entering information when you return to the site. This data is collected by cookies from your navigation around the site. A complete guide to our cookies policy and how to control cookies on your computer can be found in the cookies section.

Your IP address (this is an individual identification number provided through your internet service provider) which is automatically logged by our web server. This is used to note your interest in our website and your location (e.g. county/city) for our site analytics.

Your preferences and use of email updates, recorded by emails we send you (if you select to receive email updates on products and offers).

What we do with your information

Any personal information we collect from you will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other applicable laws. The details we collect will be used to process your order, to maintain warranty records and to provide after-sales service (we may pass your details to another organisation to supply/deliver products or services you have purchased and/or to provide after-sales service).