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Clips and Ties

Cable Ties

Cable Clips

Spiral Cable Tidy


CD DVD Cleaner

Equipment Cleaner

Screen Cleaner



Screwdriver Sets

Wall Plates

Aerial Wall Plates

Brush Plates

HDMI Wall Plates

RJ45 Network Wall Plates

USB Mains Sockets

Photo and Camcorder

Lightweight Tripods


Tripod Heads

Media Players

Modular Faceplates


Aerial & Satellite

Aerial Cables

TV Aerial Cable

TV Aerial Extension Cable

Sky Magic Eye

Satellite Cables & Adapters

Satellite Cable

Satellite Extension Cable

F Plug Adapter

Aerial Splitters

TV Aerial Splitter

Satellite Splitter

Satellite Duplexer

TV Signal Boosters

2 Way TV Aerial Booster

4 Way TV Aerial Booster

6 Way TV Aerial Booster

8 Way TV Aerial Booster

Coaxial Cable

Twin Satellite Cable

RG6 Cable


TV Aerials

Satellite Accessories


Audio Video Cables

Audio Cables

Stereo Phono Cables

2x Phono Extension Cables

3.5mm Audio Cables

Angled 3.5mm Cables

3.5mm Extension Cables

3.5mm to Phono Cables

3.5mm 4 Pole Cables

Subwoofer Cables

Digital Audio Cables

TOSLink Optical Cables

TOSLink to Mini TOSLink Cables

Digital Coaxial Cables

Digital Optical Switch

Digital Optical Splitter

TOSLink Adapters and Couplers

Digital Audio Converters

Coaxial to Optical Converters

Optical to Coaxial Converters

Optical to Phono Converters

Phono to Optical Converters

Video Cables

3x Phono to 3x Phono Cables

Component Video Cables

Composite Video Cables

S-Video Cables

Component to VGA Cables

CAT5 Extenders

Audio Video Over CAT5

Component Video Over CAT5



Scart Leads

Round Scart Leads

Flat Scart Leads

3x Phono to Scart Leads

Scart to 6x Phono Cables

Scart to component cables

Scart to S-Video Cables

Scart Splitter

Scart Switches

Custom Install Cables

Ipod Cables

3.5mm to 2x RCA Cables

3.5mm to 3.5mm Cables

FM Transmitter

Headphone Splitter Cable

Music Cables

Guitar Leads

XLR Cables

XLR to Jack Cables

6.35mm Jack to Jack

Cable Adapters

Audio Adapters

3.5mm Adapters

6.35mm Adapters

Phono Adapters

Coax Adapters

F Type Adapters

Aerial Couplers

WiFi RPSMA Adapters

BNC Adapters

N-Type Adapters

PL259 Couplers

SMA Adapters

SATA Adapters

SATA Coupler

Firewire Adapters

6 Pin to 4 Pin Firewire Adapter

4 Pin to 6 Pin Firewire Adapter

Firewire Cardbus Adapter

Scart Adapters

Scart to Phono AV Adapters

Scart to Component Adapters

Scart Coupler

Angled Scart Adapter

Breakout Scart Adapter

S-Video Adapters

S-Video to Composite Adapters

S-Video Couplers

USB Adapters

USB A to B Adapters

USB Couplers

USB 3.0 Adapters

USB Angle Adapters

USB to Ethernet Adapter

USB Sound Cards

USB to DVI Converter

USB to PS2 Adapter

VGA Adapters

VGA Angle Adapter

VGA Male to Male Adapter

VGA Female to Female Adapter

Computer Cables

External Data Cables

USB Type C to Displayport

USB Type C to Type C Cables

USB Type C to A Cables

USB Type C to VGA Adapters

USB Type C to HDMI Adapters

USB Backplate Cables

USB B to Micro A Cables

USB A to Mini B Cables

USB A to B Cables

USB Cables


USB A to A Cables

USB Type C to Ethernet

USB Type C to DVI Adapters

USB A to Micro B Cables

USB Type C

USB Type-C Hubs

USB Type C Card Readers

USB Extension Cables

USB Active Extension Cables

USB Power Cables

USB Hubs

USB Switches

USB 3.0 Cables

USB 3.0 A Male to Male Cables

USB 3.0 Extension Cables

USB 3.0 A to B Cables

USB 3.0 A to Micro B Cables

USB Converters

USB to RS232 Serial Converters

USB to VGA Converters

USB to HDMI Converters

Internal Data Cables

SATA Cables

PC to TV Cables

S-Video to Scart Cables

VGA Plus Audio Cables

Firewire Cables

4 Pin to 4 Pin Firewire Cable

4 Pin to 6 Pin Firewire Cable

6 Pin to 6 Pin Firewire Cable

6 Pin to 9 Pin Bilingual FireWire 800 Cable

9 Pin to 9 Pin Beta FireWire 800 Cable

KVM Switches

2 Port KVM Switch

4 Port KVM Switch

8 Port KVM Switch

16 Port KVM Switch

KVM Cables

KVM CAT5 Extender

USB KVM Switch

Parallel Printer Cables

SCSI Cables

USB Panel Mount Cables

Serial Cables


Coax Connectors

TV Aerial Plugs

TV Aerial Sockets

Satellite F Plugs

BNC Plugs

Audio Connectors

3.5mm Plugs

3.5mm Sockets

Phono Plugs

6.35mm Plugs

6.35mm Sockets


Hardware and Security


Dummy CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cables

CCTV Power Sockets

PCI and Express Cards



HDMI Cables

Standard Size

Angled HDMI Cables

Flat HDMI Cables

Mini HDMI Cables

Micro HDMI Cables

HDMI Extension Cables

HDMI to DVI Cables

Mini Displayport to HDMI Cables

HDMI Adapters

HDMI Coupler

HDMI to DVI Adapters

HDMI Angle Adapters

Micro HDMI Adapters

Mini HDMI Adapters


HDMI Splitters

2 Way HDMI Splitter

4 Way HDMI Splitter

8 Way HDMI Splitter

HDMI Switches

2 Way HDMI Switch

3 Way HDMI Switch

4 Way HDMI Switch

4x2 HDMI Matrix Switch

4x4 HDMI Matrix Switch

HDMI Extenders


HDMI Repeater

HDMI Converters



HDMI to Component

Component to HDMI

HDMI Audio Extractor

Scart to HDMI Converters

Monitor Cables

Mini Displayport Male to Male Cables

DVI Cables

DVI-D Single Link Cables

DVI-D Dual Link Cables

DVI-I Dual Link Cables

DVI to VGA Cables

DVI Extension Cables

DVI Splitters

VGA Cables

VGA Male to Male

Right Angle VGA Cables

VGA Extension Cables

VGA to DVI Cables

VGA With Audio Cables

VGA Splitters

VGA Switches

Displayport Cables

Displayport Male to Male

Displayport Extension Cables

Displayport Adapter Cables

Monitor Adapters

DVI to VGA Adapters

DVI to HDMI Adapters

DVI Couplers

Mini Displayport Cables

Mini Displayport Adapter Cables

Mini Displayport Extension Cable

Mini DVI Cable


Ethernet Cables

CAT5e UTP Network Cables

CAT6 UTP Network Cables

CAT5e FTP Network Cables

CAT6 FTP Network Cables

CAT6A Network Cables

CAT5e Flat Network Cables

Ethernet Extension Cables

CAT5e Male to Female

CAT6 Male to Female

Fibre Optic Network Cables

OM1 Fibre Cable

OM2 Fibre Cable

OM3 Fibre Cable

OM4 Fibre Cable

Powerline Ethernet

Home Plug Network Adapters

Network Installation

Network Patch Panels

RJ45 Wall Plates

RJ45 Couplers

Network Switches

Bulk Ethernet Cable

Outdoor Ethernet Cable

305m Box CAT6 UTP


CAT5e Crossover Cables

Right Angled Network Cables

305m Box CAT5e UTP

OS2 Fibre Cable


Power Cables

UK IEC Power Cables

IEC C13 Power Cables

IEC C15 Power Cables

IEC Splitter Cables

IEC Angled Power Cables

IEC C19 Power Cables

UK Figure 8 C7 Power Cables

Figure 8 Power Cables

Angled Figure 8 Power Cable

UK Cloverleaf Power Cables

Euro Power Cables

Euro IEC C13 Power Cables

Euro C5 Cloverleaf Power Cables

Euro Figure 8 Power Cables

Travel Adapters

EU Travel Adapters

USA Australia Travel Adapters

Power Extension Cables

IEC Power Extension Cables

IEC C19 to C20 Extension Cables

Power Adapter Cables

IEC to Cloverleaf Power Cables

Extension Strips

4 Gang Extension Strips

6 Gang Extension Strips

Surge Protectors

US Power Cables

US C13 Power Cables

US C7 Figure 8 Power Cables

Power Supplies

USB Power Supplies

Universal Power Supplies

Speaker Cables

Speaker Cables


Banana Plugs

Spade Terminals

Tablet and Smartphone

iPad Floor Stands

Mounts and Stands


Cable Finder

Micro HDMI Cables Type D

MHL Adapters

Samsung Cables

Portable Power

USB Power Banks

Water Repair Kits

Phone Accessories


Telephone Cables

Modem Cables

RJ11 Modem Cables

BT to RJ11 Leads

Ultra High Speed Modem Cables


Telephone Adapters

BT to RJ11 Adapters

Telephone Splitters

Telephone Extension Cables

BT Extension Cables


TV Brackets

Wall Mounts

Flat Wall Mounts

Tilting Wall Mounts

Tilt and Swivel Wall Mounts

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