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ADSL Microfilter Adapter

£2.04 inc VAT
9456 In Stock

ADSL Microfilter Adapter. ADSL Microfilter. 1x BT Plug - 1x BT Socket / 1x ADSL ...

ADSL Microfilter Adapter with Lead

£2.06 inc VAT
13118 In Stock

ADSL Microfilter Adapter with short lead. ADSL Microfilter with lead. 1x BT Plug...

ADSL Phone Filter

£2.47 inc VAT
320 In Stock

For both telephone applications and ADSL devices to function on one line without...

ADSL Surge Protector

£3.00 inc VAT
666 In Stock

ADSL Surge Protector Specification ADSL Surge Protector 1x RJ-11 - 1x BT Socke...

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