Power Cables, Leads and Adapters

Sometimes referred to as a kettle lead, IEC C13 Power Cables have a 3 pin IEC C13 connector and are commonly found on PC base units, projectors, monitors and TVs. Angled IEC Power Cables are also available for making tight 90 degree turns where space is limited. IEC Power Leads can be extended using a C13 to C14 Extension Cable.

The C15 connector is similar to a C13 but has an extra notch in the connector, C15 Power Cables are referred to as hot connector as they have a higher temparture rating.

Sometimes called a Mickey Mouse connector due to it looking like a mouse head with ears, the C5 Cloverleaf Power Lead is often used on laptop power supplies, some brands of TV etc. Angled Cloverleaf Power Cables are also available which are ideal for mounting LG TVs close to a wall.

The C7 is a 2 pin power connector in the shape of a figure 8, some equipment uses keyed or polarised versions but the standard figure 8 connector will fit these. Angled Figure 8 Power Cables are also available where space is at a premium such as mounting TVs flat on a wall.

It is easy convert from C13 to C7 Figure 8 or C13 to C5 cloverleaf using a power adapter cable.

The C19 connector is often found on industrial equipment such as server racks or machinery, it is larger than the C13 and supports up to 16A.

Ideal when you don't have enough mains sockets, Mains Extension Strips come with 2, 4, 8 or 10 mains sockets with varying lengths of cable. Surge Supressor Strips are also available to protect equipment from damaging surges and spikes on the mains supply.