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Toslink Optical Cables

Black Pearl TOSLink Cables

  • High quality optical cable
  • Black pearl connectors
  • Supports multi channel digital audio
  • Ideal for connecting home cinema systems and sound bars
TOSLink Optical Cables - Digital Audio Cables
1m (TOSCBL01) 3275 in stock £2.73
1.5m (TOSCBL017) 652 in stock £2.75
2m (TOSCBL02) 3323 in stock £3.51
2.5m (TOSCBL018) 267 in stock £3.85
3m (TOSCBL15) 2913 in stock £4.19
5m (TOSCBL16) 1297 in stock £5.44
10m (TOSCBL00) 444 in stock £9.25
15m (TOSCBL14) 209 in stock £12.08
20m (TOSCBL13) 216 in stock £15.34

Short Gold Optical Toslink Cable

  • Stylish gold connector
  • High quality fibre optic audio cable
  • Supports multi channel sound
0.5m Toslink Cable - Toslink Optical Cable
0.5m (TOSCBL05) In stock £2.88

Digital Pure Optical Toslink Cables

  • High quality toslink cable
  • Stylish silver connectors
  • Brand Digital Cables
4m Toslink Cable - Toslink Optical Cable
4m (TOSCBL03) In stock £5.28
6m (TOSCBL04) In stock £7.20

Hama Toslink Cable

  • High grade fibre optic core with polished contact surfaces
  • Designed for home theatre and professional AV installations
  • Ultra flexible jacket for advanced protection
  • Supplied with mini toslink adapter for use with portable audio devices


3m Optical Audio Cable Toslink by Hama
3m (83146) In stock £3.62
5m (83147) In stock £4.70

Profigold PGD Series Toslink Optical Cables

  • Automatic adjustable tip
  • Reliable digital audio transport, no information loss
  • 24k gold plated tip
  • < 0.2dB attenuation / meter



Profigold PGD561 1m TOSLink Optical Cable
1m (PGD561) In stock £8.40
3m (PGD563) In stock £9.60
5m (PGD565) In stock £11.76

Profigold Professional PROA Series Toslink Cables

  • Pearlised chrome plated metal connector
  • Solid black coated non-reflection jacket
  • Certified for 192kHz/24bit data transfer rate, to reproduce the latest High Definition surround sound formats
Profigold PROA5601 1m Digital Optical Cable TOSLink
1m (PROA5601) In stock £14.40
5m (PROA5605) In stock £15.60
2m (PROA5602) In stock £14.40
2m (PROL5602) In stock £31.49
3m (PROA5603) In stock £12.00

Techlink Wires CR 68 Series Toslink Cable

  • Finest fibre technology available to ensure low jitter and the least signal loss
  • Flexible PVC outer jacket to bend and fit into the tightest of spaces
  • Chrome plated plugs with laser etching
Techlink 680211 1m Toslink Cable - Toslink Optical Cable
1m (680211) In stock £2.99
3m (680213) In stock £14.40
5m (680215) In stock £15.60

HQ Silver Series Toslink Cable

  • Highly pure optical fibre conductor to prevent phase error.
  • Low density Poly-Ethylene insulation to reduce signal loss
  • Pearl Chrome Plated Metal Shell
HQ Silver Series Toslink Digital Optical Audio Cable 0.75m
0.75m (TOSCBL07) In stock £9.00
1.5m (TOSCBL08) In stock £10.20
2.5m (TOSCBL09) In stock £13.27
5m (TOSCBL10) In stock £18.37
10m (TOSCBL11) Out of stock £25.52

Philips Toslink Cable

  • High quality optical connection lead
  • Philips retail packed
  • Supplied with 2 mini toslink adapters
Philips 1.5m Optical Audio Cable Toslink Male to Male
1.5m (SWA3527/10) In stock £1.99

Techlink 69 Series Toslink Cables

  • Stylish blue jacket
  • Low loss fibre optic cable
  • Toslink plug to toslink plug
Techlink 690211 1m Optical Cable Toslink Cable
1m (690211) In stock £2.99
3m (TOSCBL19) In stock £3.62

Techlink Wires XS Toslink Cable

  • Low loss synthetic fibre
  • Stylish transparent outer jacket
  • Mirror finish laser etched chrome plugs
  • Spring loaded optical connections
Techlink XS211 1m Toslink Cable - Low Jitter
1m (700211) In stock £19.39

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