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Toslink Optical Cables

Shop online for TOSLink Optical Cables, large selection available from our Digital Audio Cables range, fast delivery and low prices from TVCables the cable specialists.

Black Pearl TOSLink Cables

  • High quality optical cable
  • Black pearl connectors
  • Supports multi channel digital audio
  • Ideal for connecting home cinema systems and sound bars
TOSLink Optical Cables - Digital Audio Cables
1m (TOSCBL01) 2627 in stock £2.71
1.5m (TOSCBL017) 638 in stock £2.71
2m (TOSCBL02) 3641 in stock £3.51
2.5m (TOSCBL018) 517 in stock £3.85
3m (TOSCBL15) 3234 in stock £4.19
5m (TOSCBL16) 1408 in stock £5.44
10m (TOSCBL00) 394 in stock £9.25
15m (TOSCBL14) 234 in stock £12.08
20m (TOSCBL13) 174 in stock £15.34

Short Gold Optical Toslink Cable

  • Stylish gold connector
  • High quality fibre optic audio cable
  • Supports multi channel sound
0.5m Toslink Cable - Toslink Optical Cable
0.5m (TOSCBL05) In stock £2.88

Digital Pure Optical Toslink Cables

  • High quality toslink cable
  • Stylish silver connectors
  • Brand Digital Cables
4m Toslink Cable - Toslink Optical Cable
4m (TOSCBL03) In stock £5.28
6m (TOSCBL04) In stock £7.20

Hama Toslink Cable

  • High grade fibre optic core with polished contact surfaces
  • Designed for home theatre and professional AV installations
  • Ultra flexible jacket for advanced protection
  • Supplied with mini toslink adapter for use with portable audio devices


3m Optical Audio Cable Toslink by Hama
3m (83146) In stock £3.62
5m (83147) In stock £4.70

Profigold PGD Series Toslink Optical Cables

  • Automatic adjustable tip
  • Reliable digital audio transport, no information loss
  • 24k gold plated tip
  • < 0.2dB attenuation / meter



Profigold PGD561 1m TOSLink Optical Cable
1m (PGD561) In stock £8.40
3m (PGD563) In stock £9.60
5m (PGD565) In stock £11.76

Profigold Professional PROA Series Toslink Cables

  • Pearlised chrome plated metal connector
  • Solid black coated non-reflection jacket
  • Certified for 192kHz/24bit data transfer rate, to reproduce the latest High Definition surround sound formats
Profigold PROA5601 1m Digital Optical Cable TOSLink
1m (PROA5601) In stock £14.40
5m (PROA5605) In stock £15.60
2m (PROA5602) In stock £14.40
2m (PROL5602) In stock £31.49
3m (PROA5603) In stock £12.00

Techlink Wires CR 68 Series Toslink Cable

  • Finest fibre technology available to ensure low jitter and the least signal loss
  • Flexible PVC outer jacket to bend and fit into the tightest of spaces
  • Chrome plated plugs with laser etching
Techlink 680211 1m Toslink Cable - Toslink Optical Cable
1m (680211) In stock £2.99
3m (680213) In stock £14.40
5m (680215) In stock £15.60

HQ Silver Series Toslink Cable

  • Highly pure optical fibre conductor to prevent phase error.
  • Low density Poly-Ethylene insulation to reduce signal loss
  • Pearl Chrome Plated Metal Shell
HQ Silver Series Toslink Digital Optical Audio Cable 0.75m
0.75m (TOSCBL07) In stock £9.00
1.5m (TOSCBL08) In stock £10.20
2.5m (TOSCBL09) In stock £13.27
5m (TOSCBL10) In stock £18.37
10m (TOSCBL11) Out of stock £25.52

Philips Toslink Cable

  • High quality optical connection lead
  • Philips retail packed
  • Supplied with 2 mini toslink adapters
Philips 1.5m Optical Audio Cable Toslink Male to Male
1.5m (SWA3527/10) In stock £1.99

Techlink 69 Series Toslink Cables

  • Stylish blue jacket
  • Low loss fibre optic cable
  • Toslink plug to toslink plug
Techlink 690211 1m Optical Cable Toslink Cable
1m (690211) In stock £1.80
3m (TOSCBL19) In stock £1.80

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