HDMI Coupler

HDMI Couplers are used to join 2 HDMI cables together, they have a female socket each side for an HDMI male to plug into. HDMI Joiners are available in straight and angled formats. A coupler can also be used as a gender changer to convert the end of an HDMI cable from male to female. When joining cables to make long lengths we recommend using an HDMI booster coupler.

HDMI Coupler Joiner Female - Female

£2.54 inc VAT
188 In Stock

HDMI Coupler Joiner HDMI female to female coupler. Use to extend or join an HDMI...

HDMI R-A F-F Gender Changer

£2.69 inc VAT
173 In Stock

The HDHD-RAFF-A is a right-angled HDMI coupler with a female HDMI socket on each...

HDMI Swivel Coupler

£4.87 inc VAT
18 In Stock

HDMI female to female swivel adaptor Specification Transfer Bandwidth : 10.2 Gbp...

HDMI Coupler

£5.47 inc VAT
Awaiting Stock

HDMI Female to Female Gender Changer Specification Transfer Bandwidth : 10.2 Gbp...

HDMI Flexible Adapter

£15.65 inc VAT
16 In Stock

HDMI Male - Female Flexible Adaptor Specification Transfer Bandwidth : 10.2 Gb...


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