CAT5e UTP Network Cables

Ideal for home or office network connections between PCs modems and routers, CAT5e unshielded patch cables are the most popular type of ethernet cable, recommended for data rates up to 100Mbps (10/100).

CAT5e Economy Network Cable

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Network Cable Ethernet Cable Ideal for home or office ethernet connections Suita...

CAT5e Patch Cable 24 AWG UTP LSZH Low Smoke

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CAT5e patch cable, ideal for use in home, office or industrial networking applic...

Snagless CAT.5e Patch Cable UTP LSZH

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CAT.5e snagless patch cable, ideal for use in home, office or industrial network...

CAT5e Snagless Ethernet Patch Cable UTP

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CAT5e snagless ethernet patch cable, UTP unshielded full copper cable with 24 AW...

CAT5e Patch Cable UTP Full Copper

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Cat.5e patch cable, unshielded twisted pair (UTP) with full copper cores. Suitab...

CAT5e Ethernet Cable UTP Full Copper

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Cat.5e ethernet cable, UTP unshielded twisted pair with RJ45 connectors and moul...


The CAT5e ethernet patch lead is one of the most common network leads available today, they are made up from category 5e cable which will support ethernet network speeds up 1000Mbps which is way faster than the average fibre broadband connection in the UK. The wire is made up of 4 cable pairs, 8 wires total, each pair is twisted which helps to reduce noise pickup, on either end there is an 8 pin RJ45 network plug ready to plug straight into your modem, router, network switch, PC or smart TV etc.

The common terms used to describe this type of lead are Network Cables, Ethernet Cables, Patch Cables and Patch Cords, they all mean the same thing and perform the same, the main variation with network cables is the materials used, full copper are better than economy network cables, LSZH have a low smoke jacket and the lower the AWG number means a thicker copper core. If you are powering devices over the network cable using POE (power over ethernet) we recommond the 24AWG full copper cables.