Monitor Cables, Displayport, DVI, VGA, Mini DP

Many modern computers, laptops and monitors are now fitted with Displayport connectors, they look similar to HDMI but a slightly larger with one corner chamferred and contain 20 pins. Displayport Cables come in lenghts up to 10m, lengths up to 3m support 4k resolution. Displayport can easily be adapted to DVI, HDMI or VGA using a Displayport Adapter Cable. The adapter cables are directional and do not work in the other direction.

Modern Macbooks, Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets and many other PC products use a smaller Mini Displayport connector. These can be connected to monitors using a Mini Displayport to Displayport Cable, Mini Displayport to DVI Cable, Mini Displayport to VGA Cable or Mini Displayport to HDMI Cable. Cables can eaily be extended using a Mini Displayport Extension Cable.

There are 2 main types of DVI Cables, DVI-D that support digital only and DVI-I that support digital and analogue. Both cable types are also available as single link or dual link, most users will only require a single link cable unless very high resolutions and equipment that supports dual link. DVI-D cables have pin configuratins of 18+1 for single link and 24+1 for dual link, DVI-I cables have pin configurations of 18+5 for single link and 24+5 for dual link. DVI-I cables have 4 extra pins around the horizonal pin, these are used for the analogue signal DVI-A. A DVI-I plug will not it into a DVI-D socket due to the extra pins, however a DVI-D plug can be connected to a DVI-I socket. DVI Cables can be longer using a DVI Extension Cable.

The VGA connector has 15 pins, 3 rows of 5 and supports video only, commonly found on PCs, laptops, monitors, TVs and projectors. VGA Cables are available in lengths up to 50m, fully wired DDC type cables support display data channel which allows displays to negotiate resolutions with PCs etc.

Most Monitor Cables can be adapted to a different format using a monitor adapter cable, when converting between digital and analogue and vice versa electronic circuitry is used, this can be built into the cable connectors or an external powered converter.