4x2 HDMI Matrix Switch

With 4 inputs and 2 outputs a 4x2 HDMI matrix switch provides a very flexible switchin solution. It allows any of the 4 inputs to be routed to 2 TVs, both TVs can view the same signal or a different signal.

HDMI Matrix Switch 4 x 2 - 4 Input 2 Output

£68.59 inc VAT
Ships in 48 hours

HDMI matrix switch 4 x 2, 4 input x 2 output. A 4 x 2 matrix switch allows any o...

4x2 HDMI Matrix Switch 4k x 2k UHD 3D 1080p

£110.95 inc VAT
Ships in 48 hours

4x2 HDMI matrix switch, 4 input x 2 output, UHD 4k Ready Allows any of 4 HDMI in...


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