4x4 HDMI Matrix Switch

With 4 HDMI inputs and 4 HDMI outputs the 4x4 HDMI matrix switch gives the ultimate in switching flexibility when you have 4 sources and 4 TVs. Any of the 4 inputs can be swicthed to any of the 4 TVs meaning the TVs could all show the same signal or they could all show a different signal.

4x4 HDMI Matrix Switcher 4 in 4 out

£274.30 inc VAT
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4x4 HDMI Matrix Switch, supports 1080p and Deep Colour. Connect 4 HDMI devices a...

4 x 4 HDMI Matrix Switch 4 Input 4 Output 4k x 2k with IP Network Control

£288.00 inc VAT
In Stock

Konig 4 x 4 HDMI Matrix Switch, 4 input x 4 output. Connect 4 sources, such as a...


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