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USB Converters

Buy High Quality USB Converters from our Computer Cables range, large selection with fast and free delivery options available, TVCables the cable specialists.

USB to Serial Adapters

  • Connect Serial RS-232 devices via USB
  • Up to 4 Serial ports from 1 USB connector
  • USB powered
USB Converters and Adapters
USB 2.0 Dual Serial Convertors. Adapter USBCBL093 £14.55
USB Ps2 And Serial Adaptor Adapter USBCBL017 £15.90
USB To Dual Serial Adaptor Adapter USBCBL012 £27.37
USB 2.0 Quad Serial Convertors. Adapter USBCBL094 £28.61

USB to VGA Display Adapters

  • Connect a VGA monitor via USB
  • Easily add a second monitor to a PC or laptop
USB 2.0 Vga Adaptor
USB 2.0 Vga Adaptor Adapter USBCBL095 £28.54
USB 3.0 Vga Adaptor Adapter USBCBL114 £38.28
USB 2.0 Vga Adaptor Adapter USBCBL096 £57.79

USB to HDMI Video Card Adapters

  • USB to HDMI Adapters
  • Connect an HDMI display or monitor via USB
  • Suitable for PCs, MACs and laptops
USB to HDMI Adapter Converter
USB to HDMI Adapter Converter HDMICNV1 £45.31
USB 3.0 To HDMI Display Adapter Adapter HDMICNV2 £45.31

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