10m Subwoofer Cables

Our selection of high quality 10m Subwoofer Cables

10m Subwoofer Cable Phono to Phono

£6.00 inc VAT
In Stock

High quality Phono to Phono leads. Metal body connectors with Gold Plated cont...

10m Subwoofer Cable Single Phono Profigold PGA4109

£11.99 inc VAT
In Stock

Profigold by Bandridge PGA4109 10m Subwoofer Lead, RCA-RCA. Connects from LFE ...

Profigold PROA4110 10m Dedicated Subwoofer Cable

£35.73 inc VAT
In Stock

Profigold PROA4110 Dedicate Subwoofer Cable. Profigold PROA4110 Skyline, high pe...