2m DVI Cables and Adapters

2m DVI to VGA Cable / SVGA Cable VGA Male to DVI Male

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2m DVI to VGA Cable, DVI Male to VGA Male. This high-quality cable allows you to...

2m DVI-D Monitor Cable Gold Plated

£3.74 inc VAT
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2m DVI Cable, DVI-D single link. 2m DVI monitor cable with gold plated contacts ...

2m DVI Cable Dual Link - DVI-D Pro Grade Gold

£4.04 inc VAT
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2m DVI Cable, DVI-D Male to DVI-D male, gold plated with EMI suppressors. Gold p...

2m DVI Extension Cable DVI-D Dual Link

£3.81 inc VAT
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2m DVI Extension Cable, DVI male to female Extends a DVI cable by 2m DVI-D male ...

DVI Lead 2m Dual Link DVI-I Cable

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DVI Lead 2m Dual Link DVI-I Lead. 1.8m DVI lead, dual link cable supports analog...

Profigold PGM1442 2m DVI-D to DVI-D Cable

£12.00 inc VAT
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Profigold PGM1442 high quality DVI-D cable, male to male. Features:- 24k Gold-pl...