7.5m Grey Ethernet Cables

Our range of 7.5m grey ethernet cables is ideal for use in a home or office network. Each cable has an RJ45 network connector each end to plug into your router, network switch or connected device such as set top boxes and smart TVs.
7.5m CAT6 Network Patch Cable SFTP Shielded RJ45

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7.5m SFTP CAT6 Network Patch Cable - Ethernet Cable - FTP shielded with moulded RJ45 plugs.

7.5m SFTP CAT6 network patch cable / ethernet cable. CAT6 specification patch cable with moulded connectors. Shielded foil twisted pair (SFTP) shielded network cable to reduce interference. Suitable for 10BaseT, 100BaseTX and GigaBit Ethernet. RJ45 network plug each end. 1:1 wired for for connecting computers, hubs, routers, switches, print servers, patch panels, etc. Colour: Light grey.
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