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Scart Leads

Widely used throughout the UK and across Europe, scart leads are the most common connection between audio visual equipment such as DVD players, Sky Digi boxes, Freeview boxes and VCRs to TV displays, plasma TVs and LCD TVs. The scart lead has a 21 pin connector each end and is capable of carrying audio, video and data signals. There are two main types of scart lead, fully wired and RGB only. RGB only scart leads only carry the RGB picture and no sound and may be directional.

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LeadsIn StockOur Price
Profigold PGV1110 10m HDMI to DVI Cable
Profigold scart lead Y £24.00

10m Scart Lead Gold Plated Fully Shielded Mini Coax 21 Pin Fully Wired
TVCables scart lead Y £11.64

3m Flat Cable Scart to Scart Lead
TVCables scart lead Y £11.73

Profigold PGV1115 15m HDMI to DVI Cable
Profigold scart lead Y £30.00

5m Flat Cable Scart to Scart Lead
TVCables scart lead Y £13.42

5m Scart Lead - Gold Plated - Metal Plugs
TVCables scart lead N £14.04

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