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Component Video Cables

Component Video Cables - What are they?

Component video cables are used for the transmission of component video, often referred to as YUV, YPbPr or YCbCr. The most common component video cables consist of three phono / RCA connectors each end with 75ohm coaxial cable used as the interconnect. Component video cables aren't limited to phono connectors each end, they are also available with a scart plug on one end, BNC connectors on either or both ends etc. One thing all component video leads have in common is they always have three coaxial conductors, one for the Luminance channel Y, one for the Blue colour difference channel (U / Pb / Cb) and one for the Red colour difference channel (V / Pr / Cr). Component video cables only transmit the video signal, separate cables are needed for audio signals.

Component Video vs RGB

Is component video better than RGB? Well, yes and no, RGB provides the widest bandwidth and is the best choice for connecting audio visual devices  like a Freeview box, digibox or Sky+ box to your TV, home cinema or home theatre system. DVD is however different, to reduce the amount of storage required DVDs are recorded using component video, it is therefore better to connect a DVD player via a component video cable to your TV, plasma or LCD TV etc.

Can I use a Component Video Cable for RGB?

The use of component video cables for RGB causes the most confusion, firstly the two signal systems are not compatible, if you try to connect component video to RGB you will not get a picture. The problem with using component video cables for RGB is that most consumer electronic devices require a video sync or a horizontal and vertical sync, the only way a component video lead will work for RGB is if both devices can sync on green, often referred to as RGsB or RGB3. Most devices use the RGB4 format or RGBs (RGB+Sync) where four signal cables are required, cables like the Profigold PGV7405 or PGV7410 are ideal in this application. A third less common mode is RGB5 or RGBHV, this format uses separate Horizontal and Vertical Syncs and requires five signal cables.

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1m Component Cable - OFC Component Video Cable Gold Plated

1m Component Cable - OFC Component Video Cable Gold Plated N £3.72

Component Video Extender Over CAT5 Twisted Pair

Component Video Extender Over CAT5 Twisted Pair N £29.98
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