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HDMI cables transfer the audio and video signal digitally. HDMI cables are used to connect an audio video device with an HDMI cable output to a Plasma, LCD TV, Surround Sound Processor or projector with an HDMI input. The picture will look identical which ever HDMI cable you use, providing the cable is capable of transmitting the signal without too much loss. A cable with too much loss will be immediately obvious as the picture will look like it has white dots all over it, referred to as 'sparklies'.

HDMI cables used to be graded by the HDMI specification they had been tested to, for example HDMI 1.3 or HDMI 1.4, cables are now graded into categories, standard speed or high speed depending upon the data rate they can support. HDMI high speed cables can support higher resolutions beyond 1080p, eg 1440p and 2160p as well as multichannel high definition audio. Most consumers now require a high speed HDMI cable to support features such as 3D over HDMI, however many older HDMI 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 cables (especially shorter lengths) would be graded high speed had they been tested to the latest cable specifications. Some versions of high speed HDMI cables also support ethernet and audio return channel, these are now graded as high speed with ethernet, use this cable if you plan to connect web-enabled devices or plan to use return audio, starting from just a few pounds this is our recommended cable if you are looking for a future proof cable as they are fully backwards compatible.

If you came here looking to buy an HDMI 1.4 Cable then select high speed with ethernet, the term HDMI 1.4 is no longer applicable to cables. See our what is an HDMI Cable guide for details.

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Best sellers...
2m Hdmi High Speed Cable - Truesignal High Speed - Gold Plated
Our Price: £7.14
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Techlink 680201 1m Hdmi Cable - Hdmi 1.4 Sky Hd Blu-Ray Dvd etc
Our Price: £17.99
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HDMI Coupler - HDMI Joiner
Our Price: £5.10
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HDMI to DVI Adapter - HDMI Female to DVI-D Male - Gold
Our Price: £4.80
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Profigold PGV1001 1m HDMI Cable
Our Price: £6.60
More Info  Buy now
HDMI to HDMI Cable 1.5m Sharpview Gold Plated 19 Pin
Our Price: £5.10
More Info  Buy now
HDMI to HDMI Cable 10m High Speed with Ethernet
Our Price: £12.23
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1x2 HDMI Splitter 2 Port
Our Price: £28.38
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HDMI to HDMI Cable 5m High Speed with Ethernet 1.4
Our Price: £5.61
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Best HDMI Cable High Speed v1.4 1.8m with Ethernet Channel Audio Return HEAC
Our Price: £4.59
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5m HDMI 1.4 Cable High Speed v1.4 with Ethernet Channel Audio Return HEAC
Our Price: £6.78
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15m HDMI Cable High Speed with Ethernet
Our Price: £24.00
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