Dual RG6 Coax
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Dual RG6 Coax

Dual satellite coax cable is used to connect between the LNB and satellite receivers. This type of cable is often used with Sky+ and SkyHD but can be used with any satellite receiver that has dual inputs. The dual coax cable is sometimes referred to as a shotgun cable, available in 100m drums and also per metre.

Dual RG6 Shotgun Coax 100m

  • Dual RG6 Coax Cable
  • Often called shotgun coax
  • Ideal for satellite systems requiring dual cables
Dual RG6 Coax - Satellite Cables
5m Dual Satellite Cable Twin Shotgun 5m DUAL5 £4.80
10m Dual Satellite Cable Twin Shotgun 10m DUAL10 £8.40
Dual RG6 Coaxial Cable 100m Drum - Dual Satellite Coax Cable Reel Black 100m DUAL100 £38.49

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