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White TV Aerial Cables

Buy TV Aerial Cables from our range of TV, satellite, aerial and coax cables. Use a male to male aerial cable to connect your TV to an aerial wall plate, or use a male to female TV Aerial Cable when connecting from a set top box to a TV.

White TV Aerial Leads

  • High quality coax cable
  • Gold plated connectors
  • Suitable for Cable TV, Freeview and Freeview HD digital TV
  • Male to Male, supplied with female coupler
White TV Aerial Cables - TV and Satellite
0.5m (AEHW) 2293 in stock £0.85
1m (AE1W) 3562 in stock £0.87
1.8m (AE18W) 3101 in stock £0.97
2m (AE2W) 3406 in stock £1.05
3m (AE3W) 8195 in stock £1.13
5m (AE5W) 6883 in stock £1.43
10m (AE10W) 10739 in stock £2.08
15m (AE15W) 2920 in stock £3.56
20m (AE20W) 1365 in stock £6.12
30m (AE30W) 65 in stock £7.77
40m (AE40W) 65 in stock £9.48
50m (AE50W) 97 in stock £11.52

Techlink 643 Series White TV Aerial Cables

  • OFC copper conductors
  • Male to female coax cable
  • Suitable for Cable TV, Freeview and Freeview HD
  • Colour white
Techlink 643110 1.5m White TV Aerial Cable
1.5m (643110) In stock £2.00
2.5m (643112) In stock £1.80
3.5m (643113) In stock £1.80
5m (643115) In stock £2.40
7.5m (643117) In stock £2.40
10m (643119) In stock £2.40

Angled TV Aerial Cables

  • Male to female cable
  • 90 degree connector both ends
  • Low loss coax
1.5m Aerial Cable Male Female Angle plugs 90 Degree
1.5m (AECBL-012) In stock £2.99

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