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Digital Coaxial Cables

Shop online for Digital Coaxial Cables, large selection available from our Digital Audio Cables range, fast delivery and low prices from TVCables the cable specialists.

Digital Pure Series Digital Audio Cables

  • OFC copper cable
  • Coaxial cable construction
  • Stylish silver metal plugs
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Brand Digital Cables
Digital Coaxial Cables - Digital Audio Cables
1.5m (DACX00) In stock £1.90
3m (DACX01) In stock £3.12
5m (DACX02) In stock £3.31
10m (DACX03) In stock £5.40

Philips Coaxial Digital Audio Cable / Video Cable

  • High quality phono to phono cable
  • RG59 75 ohm coaxial cable
  • Polished chrome metal plugs
  • Can be used for SPDIF digital audio or composite video


Philips 1.5m Digital Audio Coaxial Cable Phono
1.5m (SWV1510/10) In stock £1.99

Profigold PROA Digital Coaxial Cables

  • 99.9996% Oxygen Free Copper coax cable
  • Multiple shielding gives maximum protection
  • Pearlised chrome plated metal connector
  • Connects from the SPDIF coaxial output on your dvd, blu ray dvd etc to your amplifier or surround sound system
Profigold PROA4801 1m Digital Coax Audio Cable
1m (PROA4801) In stock £12.04
2m (PROA4802) In stock £4.99
3m (PROA4803) In stock £26.99
5m (PROA4805) In stock £7.20

Profigold PGD Series Digital Coaxial Cables

  • 99.96% Oxygen Free Copper coax cable
  • 24k Gold Plated contacts
  • Pearlised chrome plated metal connector
Profigold PGD481 1m Digital Coaxial Cable
1m (PGD481) In stock £10.42
3m (PGD483) In stock £17.35
5m (PGD485) In stock £16.33
10m (PGD489) Out of stock £20.42

Techlink 64 Series Digital Audio Phono Cables

  • Oxygen free copper cable
  • Molded connectors with strain reliefs
  • Video rated 75ohm coax
Techlink 640050 Phono Cable 1.5m Grey
1.5m (640050) In stock £1.20
3m (640053) In stock £2.00
5m (640055) In stock £1.20

Techlink Wires CR 68 Series Digital Coax Cables

  • Double shielded
  • Non migratory OFC copper cable
  • Polished chrome connectors
  • Gold plated contacts
Techlink 680131 1m Digital Coaxial Cable 75 Ohm
1m (680131) In stock £2.40
1.5m (680050) In stock £8.67
5m (680055) Out of stock £15.31
10m (680059) Out of stock £19.39

Techlink 69 Series Digital Audio Coaxial Cables

  • Stylish blue jacket
  • Gold plated connectors
  • RCA to RCA coaxial cable
  • OFC copper cable
Techlink 690050 Phono Cable 1.5m Blue
1.5m (690050) In stock £1.80
3m (690053) In stock £1.80
5m (690055) In stock £1.80

HQ Silver Series Long Digital Audio Coax Cables

  • OFC copper cable
  • Long lengths up to 20m
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Metal body connectors
15m Digital Audio Coaxial Cable / Video Coax Cable
15m (DACX05) In stock £24.00
20m (DACX06) Out of stock £28.80

Profigold Oxypure Ultimate Digital Coaxial Cable

  • Ultra pure Crystal Silvered Copper by Ohno
  • 2nd generation interference absorption technology
  • Die cast twist lock connectors
  • Cold welded solder free connections
  • 24k gold plated connections
  • Nylon over braid
Profigold Oxypure OXYA4801 Ultra Performance Digital Coax Interconnect 1m
1m (OXYA4801) In stock £37.99

Twist Lock Digital Audio Coaxial Cable

  • OFC Copper cable
  • Gold plated connectors
  • Twist lock phono plugs
1.5m Digital Audio Coaxial Cable
1.5m (DACX04) Out of stock £3.60

Premium Digital Coaxial Audio Cable

  • Gold plated connectors with strain relief
  • OFC RG59 coax cable
  • Double shielded
1m Premium Digital Audio / Video Coax Cable
1m (PRPH00) Out of stock £5.10
2m (PRPH01) Out of stock £6.63
3m (PRPH02) In stock £7.14
5m (PRPH03) In stock £7.65
10m (PRPH04) Out of stock £10.20

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