1.8m Audio Cables

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XBox 360 Component Video Cable with Audio

Our Price: £10.42

XBox 360 Component Video Cable, YUV / YPrPb Component Cable with stereo audio. Connects yo...

Wii Component Cable - HD Component Video

Our Price: £6.60

Wii Component Cable, HD Component Video Cable. Connects your Wii console via component vid...

XBox 360 Component Cable HD 720p with Audio

Our Price: £10.42

XBox 360 Component Cable, HD 720p with stereo audio. XBox 360 HD component cable with audi...

Best Hdmi Cable High Speed 1.8m with Ethernet Channel Audio Return

Our Price: £3.79

Best HDMI Cable available today 1.8m - High Speed with Ethernet Channel and Audio Return C...

XBox 360 VGA Cable with Audio Konig GAMX360-CA01

Our Price: £10.42

XBox 360 VGA Cable with audio, HD15 plus 2x phono stereo audio. Connects your XBox 360 to ...

3.5mm Jack to 2x 3.5mm Jack Socket Cable - 1.8m

Our Price: £3.00

A High Quality 3.5mm to 3.5mm Jack Plug cable. Oxygen Free Copper cable. Metal bodied 3.5m...