5m VGA Cables

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DDC VGA Cable 5m Fully Wired

Our Price: £4.30

Connects a VGA equipped PC, Laptop or DVR etc to a monitor, television or projector. Nicke...

5m DVI to VGA Cable / SVGA Cable VGA Male to DVI Male

Our Price: £7.49

5m DVI to VGA Cable, DVI Male to VGA Male. This high-quality cable allows you to connect a...

VGA to VGA Cable 5m - Triple Shielded Beige

Our Price: £4.10

5m VGA to VGA Cable / SVGA Cable. 5m VGA to VGA cable / SVGA cable, ideal for connecting P...

5m VGA to DVI Cable - Premium

Our Price: £12.49

5m VGA to DVI Cable, Premium Grade. 5m VGA to DVI cable premium grade monitor cable, ideal...

VGA to Component Video Cable 5m

Our Price: £4.44

VGA to component video cable, 5m. VGA to YPbPr cable 5m. ideal for projector connections. ...

5m VGA Extension Cable - Triple Shielded VGA Male to Female

Our Price: £4.00

5m VGA Extension Cable / SVGA Extension Cable. 5m VGA extension cable / SVGA extension cab...

Monitor Extension Cable 5m VGA / SVGA Black Male - Female

Our Price: £4.02

Monitor Extension Cable 5m VGA / SVGA Black Monitor extension cable 5m black VGA / SVGA, i...

5m VGA Lead - Triple Shielded VGA / SVGA Cable Black

Our Price: £4.15

5m VGA Lead, VGA Lead / SVGA Cable. 5m VGA lead / SVGA lead. Male to Male monitor lead. HD...

Laptop to TV Cable 5m - VGA with Audio Cable

Our Price: £19.99

Laptop to TV Cable 5m, VGA with audio cable. Combined VGA with audio cable, ideal for comp...

VGA & 3.5mm Cable PC to TV Lead 5m

Our Price: £5.38

VGA and 3.5mm cable, PC to TV lead 5m. VGA cable with 3.5mm audio cable, ideal for compute...

5m Displayport to VGA Cable DP Male to VGA Male

Our Price: £12.41

Display Port v1.1 compliant. High quality digital video transmission. Embedded clock archi...

VGA Extension Cable 5m Fully Wired DDC Compatible

Our Price: £5.08

Ideal for extending your VGA monitor cable by 5m Fully wired Display Data Channel DDC cabl...

5m Premium SVGA Monitor Cable (Male/Male) Black

Our Price: £13.76

15 Way HD Male to 15 Way HD Male Ferrite core at each end to reduce interference for the b...

5m Premium Gold VGA Cable

Our Price: £28.48

Our Premium Gold VGA cables have been designed for users who demand the best possible perf...

5m VGA Extension Cable Standard Monitor Cable (15HDM/15HDF)

Our Price: £7.59

15 Way HD Male to 15 Way HD Female Fully moulded Colour: Black 10 year warranty